Friday, October 5, 2012


Frankenweenie opens in theaters tonight! 

Will you be seeing it this weekend with your kids? 

Here are some fun facts about Frankenweenie:

  •       “Frankenweenie” follows in the footsteps of Tim Burton’s other stop-motion animated films “Corpse Bride” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”—both of which were nominated for Academy Awards®.

    •           Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest animation styles. There are 24 frames per second in the stop motion for “Frankenweenie.” This means that the animator must stop and position the puppet 24 times to get one second of filmed action. On average, one animator can only produce 5 seconds of animation per week.  Multiple puppets of the same character allowed animators to work on more than one scene at once. There were as many as 18 animators working independently of each other at one time.

    •           “Frankenweenie” is the first animated film that Tim Burton has directed for Disney.

    •         All of the characters in “Frankenweenie” are based on Tim Burton’s drawings. He did some of the drawings in 1984 when the original live-action short of “Frankenweenie” was done and the others he drew especially for this new, feature-length animated version.
    •     The talented voice cast includes four actors who worked with Burton on previous films: Winona Ryder (“Beetlejuice,” “Edward Scissorhands”), Catherine O’Hara (“Beetlejuice,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas”), Martin Short (“Mars Attacks!”) and Martin Landau (“Ed Wood,” Sleepy Hollow”).

And just in case you were wondering what the movie kind of looks like here is one of the official trailers:

It's the perfect family movie to enjoy on this first weekend of October! 

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