Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eyebrow Threading

While living in San Diego I had my regular waxing place Professionail in Otay Ranch, I'd been a loyal waxing customer for 4 years and Tina was fabulous! I love her, she was always so nice to me and she and I are friends on Facebook. I certainly miss her.

Now that I am in Northern California for the past couple of months I have been growing my eyebrows out and suddenly found myself with a mess of an eyebrow {yes one awkwardly grown eyebrow ;) } I finally gave in and gave threading a try.

At first I was very hesitant as with waxing it is only one tug and that is all, but with threading it is little pinches per pluck! However I am so lucky I found Jeet at Zara Beauty Services in San Jose. Jeet is an awesome Licensed Cosmetologist she is very patient and always explains what she is doing, because I always ask what are you doing? Do you have a mirror so I may see? -Sorry Jeet for talking non-stop-.

Jeet is a beautiful cosmetologist with beautiful eyebrows. If you are looking for getting your eyebrows fixed, having a facial, getting a haircut or a Henna design on your hand I highly recommend Jeet. I have a small gap on my right eyebrow she managed to work around it... :)

You can schedule your appointment with Jeet at (408) 307-2651 and you may also find her at Whitewings Salon on 6130 Bollinger Rd. in San Jose. 

If you do schedule an appointment please let Jeet know that Maribel {or Mary as she calls me} from Stroller Adventures sent you, she will give you special pricing like:


Eyebrows $5.00
Upper lip $3.00

Facials $30.00 and up {they last 45 minutes or more depending on the one you choose}


Arms, Legs and Under arms $45.00

Haircuts $20.00

She also does Henna designs for $20.00 and up. 

Thank you Jeet, for always being so sweet to me and fixing my eyebrows! 


  1. I see people getting this done all the time at the mall and I'm still on the fence about it! It seems like waxing would hurt just a bit less because they just rip it off real quick!

    1. The first time I have to admit I did feel a little more than this second time, but this last time we were talking a lot and I didn't even feel a thing! :D