Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Ever felt like you could do anything? 
Like you are invincible? 
Highly motivated and inspired? 

Well that is exactly how I feel after attending my first blogging conference this past weekend.  It was a mix of emotions. Most of them great and lots of a-ha! moments. 

First of all I was looking forward to meeting the founders SoCal Lady Bloggers in person as well as several of their members. We've all connected through Social Media, however we had yet to meet in person and last Friday we finally did and talked the night away. They are amazing women who have built an amazing tribe and I am honored to be a part of that tribe. Each member is unique and I love that! we all compliment each other and best of all it's all about the positive!

This is my tribe! my community of blogging friends that are always there to support me whenever I need someone to hold my hand. I love reading and sharing experiences with them. Carolyn, Chelsea, Jamie, Erin, Melissa, SuzanneGigi and Trina you all so wonderful and inspiring. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for always holding my hand. 

Secondly I wanted to learn more about blogging, I love writing and I love connecting with you and sharing what I do. However, sometimes I feel like I need a map or a compass to guide me in the right direction and that is exactly what Bloggy Boot Camp was. It was my much needed compass, which will lead me to where I want to be.

It is organized by SITS Girls, the founding duo:  Fran and Tiffany are AH-MAZING. I love how down to earth and approachable they both are. Even though I had not had the honor of meeting them before, on Saturday when I did it felt like I was meeting up with old friends. Thank you for being so genuine ladies!

Tiffany is so inspiring and when she talks she means business. I could just sit and listen to her non-stop. Yes I know I love to talk, but that is how great she is.

I also had the pleasure of learning from Laurie Turk she shared all about her success as Tip Junkie. Gigi the "Social Media Guru", she has so much experience in this area that when she talks it's like you wish you could write fast so you can remember all she says!

Gigi the "Social Media Guru", she has so much experience in this area that when she talks it's like you wish you could write fast so you can remember all she says!

Cynthia had some great blog design tips and made me rethink my layout and colors so I am working on my creativity and hope to soon have an idea I like. Trina, had some great tech ideas to make blogging easier and shared great tools to use to make it less stressful.

Danielle taught all about copyright, trademark, contracts. I'm so glad I watermark my pictures and that although she was talking law I was able to understand without getting too technical. 

And then there was Elizabeth.... Which encouraged us to stay true to who we are and be our own unique self. It was reassuring to know that "the more honest and authentic you are, the more authentic and honest people will be with you".

Basically what you see here on Stroller Adventures is what you'll get. A bold personality ;) right Carolyn

I had an amazing time getting to know my wonderful roommates Jamie, Erin and Suzanne. Thank you for putting up with my snoring {yes, I know you might not have heard it because I kept waking myself up so I wouldn't wake you up}.

A special thank you to my husband Stroller Adventures Dad for taking care of the family and home while I was gone for my very first time for the weekend. You are my rock and my main supporter, without you Stroller Adventures wouldn't be. 


  1. Maribel... after 6 conferences, this is the BEST one I've been too - for the education and the people. I am so jazzed by the friends and the direction I've found. The sky is the limit!

    1. Definitely the sky is the limit! feeling empowered and ready to reach for it! :D