Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wear It Again Wednesday

I have to be honest, I have been a little nervous and let's just say it... afraid to try on clothes in my very own closet or at a store. 

Why? you ask, well it is simple. 

Even though I am losing weight and loving it, there is still a small part of me that thinks I am still 231 lbs. That I am still a size 20/22.  

That I am still not small enough to fit into a specific size. 

Have you ever felt this way? 

I strongly believe that the worst critics in our life are our own self... US! 

We judge ourselves so harshly and are our best enemy. We know ourselves so well, yet we are fearful of trusting ourself. Why???

Well this past weekend I took that fear and turned it into courage. I faced one of my biggest fears and tried on clothes in my closet, clothes I had not worn in a loooooong looong loong time! and some of them fit, others were too loose and then there were the trophy jeans that weren't even close to fitting me. 

However I did not get discouraged, I did not feel sad, upset or depressed. Instead I used it as my motivation for this week and on Monday even though it was a day off {a holiday} and a day of rest, I hit the gym... did my 30 minute walk and watched diligently what I ate! 

So this will be a weekly post, one that other bloggers will be linking to and maybe we can inspire you to move, to make healthier choices, to drink more water, to watch your portions and to "shop" in your very own closet. You might be surprised at what fits! 

Here is my first Wear It Again Wednesday picture, my outfit one I had not worn in at least 3 years! 

My pants are size and top are size 16 and I'm wearing 3" heels along with my biggest smile! 

Have you shopped in your own closet lately?

How did you feel?


  1. When I was losing weight years ago (thank you kids for helping put it back on!), I went to the store to get new pants. I tried on the size smaller and the sales clerk told me they were too big. I was jumping up and down to go down TWO sizes! :-)

    1. It's exciting right? I think we all forget that feeling or if we fit into our closet's clothes we tend to forget what we have in there. I didn't remember I had a cute sweater which I'm excited to wear again once it gets cold! :D Thank you for stopping by Camille, I appreciate your time in reading this and commenting. :D

  2. Great job! Our anniversary is this weekend and I was looking through wedding pictures. I know that it's common for women to gain some weight, but I was amazed to see how much weight I have LOST since then! I could still stand to do a whole lot more, ahem. :) But you know, it sure makes me feel good to see progress. In small increments, it's easy not to notice or to get discouraged. That really motivated me. :)

    1. It's fun and like you said motivating, I'm finding the new joys of "shopping in my closet" to be proud moments and inspiring me to keep going even when I don't want to. Because to be honest there are days when I say "screw it! let's not workout" or "I'm too tired!" but then I look at the closet and look in the mirror and think let's do this! jump and go!

  3. I absolutely love this new series of yours =) A very fun idea, and what a feel good feeling to know you're beginning to fit into clothes you havent' been able to wear in years =) xoxo

    1. Thank you Jamie! I am actually wearing these khaki pants today with another top I had not worn in a couple of months :D