Tuesday, September 11, 2012


For the last couple of months our toddler has been going through what is commonly known as the terrible twos, now based on my experience with Adventure Girl and Adventure Boy I can honestly tell you that some kids have it more than others. 

With Adventure Girl it went on un-noticed, but with Adventure Boy... Well that's a whole other story. This time around everywhere I go, everything I do Adventure Boy is with me. If I am home he is home, if I go out he is goes out with me. 

Grocery shopping? He's with me. 
A quick trip to Target? He's with me. 
Drop-off? With me. 
Pick-up? With me.

He's been testing the waters to see how much my patience will stretch, how far he may go and how much my tolerance will take. Children in the same family are so different. Their needs are very different and can be complete opposites. 

Last week as I was battling a cold we took a trip to Target to stock up on some essentials, while shopping I noticed both kids were well behaved and was able to make our quick shopping trip an enjoyable experience. Then as I was walking towards another aisle I heard a mom telling her children to behave, as I listened to her all I could think was "hang in there mom" then we entered that aisle she too had a boy and a girl about the same age of my children and as our eyes met it was like we knew how she felt. I could understand her completely!

I knew what she was feeling. Lately our errands have turned into small nightmares where the toddler is screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs while Adventure Girl is asking for something and me? Well I am praying for a little more patience to take control over the situation and that no one pays attention to us. That we don't get "The look" because nothing is worse than dealing with your kids while having to do grocery shopping while your kids are making difficult for you and people just stare you down as if judging how you are parenting and then you are... THAT mom! 

"THAT mom" that allowed her children to cry while shopping, "THAT mom" that because she was standing her grounds on not buying what was not needed is making her children cry. "THAT mom" that will not leave the store because she ran out of milk at home and knows that if she leaves there will still be no milk or fruit at home. 

So on this particular shopping trip when I saw a mom dealing with her kids, I smiled at her and then said "it will get better". She smiled back at me and said "Thank you, I really needed some understanding". We had a small conversation and her children were talking to Adventure Boy and Girl after that everyone was all smiles and ready to finish shopping.

How many times have you seen "THAT mom" trying to accomplish something while her children are challenging her and not once did you cut her some slack or smiled without judging her. Times have changed and people are forgetting that they were once children themselves and that maybe just maybe they were just as much or even more difficult than the children "THAT mom" has. 

So next time you see a mom having a hard day with her children, don't judge her. For all you know she just needs some encouragement that everything will be ok. 

Have you met "THAT mom"


  1. This is a GREAT post Maribel!!!

    1. Thank you! I wrote it last week after my said trip to target... Lately it feels like all fingers point to me when a kid screams, kicks, runs, is loud, etc at stores.