Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hector {a book review and giveaway}

Written and illustrated by Steve Barnes,  Hector is perfect for any age. With colorful and full of life illustrations of the jungle. Hector is a  zebrapotamus. That means that he is a hippopotamus that has zebra stripes on his body, his color is the only difference he has from other hippos. However even though it is only his color that is different he is indeed a hippo. The story teaches us about respecting others regardless of shapes, colors or size and how others feel when being bullied. The illustrations were colorful something kids will appreciate.

"Bullying is a problem that has affected our society for as long as man has noticed differences and not respected others. I know because I was bullied during my 4 years of middle school. Respect is key in life and with it we can stop bullies. I love how Hector was always genuinely kind regardless of how others treated him and that is a very important lesson, staying true to ourselves no matter what. This book is perfect for children of all ages as it sheds light on how victims of bullying feel." -Adventure Mom

On the day we received this book Adventure Girl read it three times and is still reading it daily. Here's what Adventure Girl had to say:

"This is a great book, the attitude the hippos had against Hector was not right and in the end they were big enough to recognize they had made him feel very sad and unwanted to the point that he wanted to find new friends. But he was still kind to them when they needed his help."

Coincidently October is National Anti-Bullying month, let's prevent it from happening and teach our children about respect. 

We liked the book so much that....

We are hosting a giveaway for a copy of Hector to one lucky reader!
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  1. Everyone loves monkeys, don't they? It's the first animal noise my daughter made, but I suspect it's because we decorated her room with monkeys. :) Great giveaway, thank you!

  2. I've always be a fan of the Tiger!!