Friday, September 7, 2012

BodyMedia CORE Armband

It's been two weeks since I received my new FIT CORE Armband by BodyMedia, I have worn it on my upper left arm while exercising, while sleeping, while doing my day-to-day tasks. Then I received the display which looks like a watch except there is no strap so you can easily attach it to your clothing, your watch's wristband, a bracelet or simply have it in your pocket.

At the beginning it took a little bit to get used to having it on, then again I strap it on pretty tight. When I loosened it up a bit it was comfortable and lightweight so I didn't notice that I was wearing it.

I liked all the information it provided, when you connect the CORE Armband device to your computer via USB cable it shows how many hours you slept, how many hours you were laying down but awake, how many steps you took during the day and how many calories you burned. The calories you eat during the day have to be entered into your personal account manager on the website manually. Which I had no issues doing, there were some items that I had to enter and add to my list {luckily I had the nutritional values to do so}.

For me personally it was interesting to see the data I would get on a daily basis, I would hook the CORE device to my computer to see how I slept and somedays I would make an extra effort to get to bed and sleep earlier than usual although sometimes it was impossible {specially since we went through a couple of sick days with a cold}. You know how it is when you are a parent, the sleepless nights caring for a sick child. Well we had a couple of those days.

The notifications are always fun to read too, each time you reach a new personal best the system notifies you and let me tell you it was motivating.

When adding meals it is easy, most of the foods you consume are already in their food list. However if an item is missing you can easily add it and you can add your recipes. {Which is something I enjoyed using}

One thing that motivated me to move every single day was looking at my display to check how many steps I had taken during the day and seeing I was not even close to my goal per day {8,000} so when that happened I would make an extra effort to get moving. Losing weight is not only portion control and drinking water it is also about being active. Even if you start with little steps such as parking in the last spot at the parking lot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Also when you have kids at home {specially younger ones} you know you are going to be picking up toys from the floor constantly so I took it as exercise and wouldn't you know it that during those moments I was burning calories too!

If you are working on losing weight or getting active and reaching goals the FIT CORE Armband is perfect for you! You can order it online here and it ships directly to your home.

This is a sponsored post, I received a FIT CORE Armband by Body Media, which will facilitate my review. All pictures and opinions are 100% my own. 

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