Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Today I am linking up with my friend Julie from Back2Basics, I am going to share 5 things I am loving right now:

1.- I am loving the cooler weather in the mornings and evenings, I've taken several walks where I have noticed morning dew on plants! we are enjoying our first autumn season in Northern California.

2.- I am loving that in just 2 days Adventure Girl will be 7 years old and I've been blessed to enjoy every second of her life at her side. Thank you Lord. You can read about her birth story here

3.- I am loving that Adventure Boy is becoming more and more independent and more vocal. I can have a conversation with him. 

4.- I am loving that Adventure Dad is so supportive and that last week while I was battling a cold he helped out at home.

5.- I am loving this shade of nail polish I just got today! :) Yes one more to add to my collection

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What are you loving now?


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    1. Thank you Julie, I do too. I am going to my nails tonight for the weekend :D