Friday, August 10, 2012

Alphabet Veggie Challenge {week 6}

We are on week 6 of our Alphabet Veggie Challenge and have been having fun searching for vegetables we have not tried at the super market. Last week we choose letter:

So off we went to the grocery store to find any vegetables that start with the letter "L". So we decided to get creative with Lettuce the other option for the letter "L" was: Leeks and Lemons. 

On one of last weeks days I was saving my calories and specifically my carbs for dinner, so when lunch time came I decided to use some romaine lettuce leaves and make some wraps with tuna salad. I must admit it was better than I though it would taste and also since it was a very hot day it was very refreshing to know I did not need to be at the stove preparing a delicious snack. 

Other ways to enjoy lettuce besides a salad is using it instead of buns for burgers and also incorporating them in soups.

Now let's see what the next letter for week 6 is:

Remember to get creative with your vegetables and incorporate them in your recipes.

Leave us a comment to let us know what vegetable you tried this week and how you incorporated it into your meals. 


  1. This is a cool idea!! I like getting what's fresh at the farmers market! :)

    1. I do, but since our move in Spring I have yet to find one that I like as much as the ones I went to before. :) So that is why I tend to purchase produce either at whole foods or Sprouts.

  2. You are making me hunger here! LOOKS YUMMY! Love your site and I'm following you now!


    1. Hi Rachel, glad you like the idea of eating more vegetables and making it delicious. Thank you for following our adventures and taking the time to visit, read and comment. It means a lot to know our readers like what we share with them. :)