Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mirror Mirror {Review}

Just like every Friday after a great Summer day our family enjoyed another movie night. This time we enjoyed watching "Mirror Mirror" which was released on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo on June 26th.

It is a fun entertaining movie that stars one of my favorite actresses Julia Roberts as the evil Queen and Lily Collins {The Blind Side} along with Armie Hammer {The Social Network}.

What did I think about the movie?

I honestly liked the movie because it was the story of Snow White told from the Queen's perspective. It also has a great ending with some Bollywood dancing which I was not expecting. Armie Hammer as the prince was perfect, his voice is perfectly fitted for a prince and Lily Collins was perfect as Snow White. As for Julia Roberts, what can I say? I love her acting, she is so genuine when she acts. 

Here is what 6 year old Adventure Girl had to say about the movie:

"I liked the movie, I specially liked watching all the beauty stuff the Queen had done. I thought that was so funny! I also liked the ending when they are all dancing and singing. That really was Snow White! I know because she looks just like her" --Adventure Girl

Mirror Mirror was released on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo on June 26th it is the perfect movie to watch as a family. It is also funny and witty. 

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