Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hullabaloo's Raise a Ruckus {CD Review}

Hullabaloo is a San Diego based band that plays excellent kid folk music that is 100% kid and parent friendly, perfect for taking adventures and enjoying it while on a road trip or shaking the sillies at home.

As you already know we love music and recently we received a copy of Hullabaloo's 'Raise a Ruckus' to be released next September 4th and let me tell you it did 'Raise a Ruckus' in our car while taking on our daily adventures. I was even dancing and singing after we listened to it for the fifth time.

Here is how Hullabaloo began:

Hullabaloo officially began when Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer teamed up to play a few songs at Brendan’s twin daughter’s first birthday party. Everybody enjoyed singing and dancing to their unique brand of kid-folk music and soon their weekends were booked. Fast forward eight years and Hullabaloo has performed over 1600 shows ranging from modest birthday parties to fancy concert halls. Along the way they’ve released 9 award-winning albums and developed a loyal following in their hometown of San Diego and beyond.

Favorite songs?

My favorite song of this CD is 'Dad Upside Down', I love that it teaches how to spell dad, mom, and sister but most of all that "mom upside down spells WOW!" and isn't that the plain truth? {I may be a little biased, but just a little ;) } Another favorite of mine is 'Green Beans Everywhere' it plays out vividly in my mind, hmm I wonder why?
Adventure Boy had so much fun listening to Hullabaloo, his favorite song is 'Say Yes' I can assure you it is all too familiar to this toddler. Who doesn't want to play in the rain? and wishes their mom would just 'say yes'?

As for Adventure Girl 'My Eyes' describes pretty much how her day begins always ready to take an adventure and enjoy all that the world has to offer through her eyes. It got to the point where we listened and sang 'My Eyes' over and over roughly 7 times. After that even Adventure Boy kept saying 'My Eyes'.

Both Adventure Boy and Girl are enjoying listening to Hullabaloo, their CD cover art is fun and the fact that lyrics are included for all 12 songs, well that just makes us want to sing even more!  

Hullabaloo is not your typical band, the lyrics to their songs is full of new words for listeners to learn so not only are listeners having fun by singing and dancing but they are also expanding children's vocabulary and that is what makes Hullabaloo so unique in my opinion, not to mention their musical style; which includes: twang, funk, rock, folk and blues and in the end makes you want to sing and dance along. 'Raise a Ruckus' is Hullabaloo's tenth studio CD.

Did we mention that Hullabaloo has won the Parents' Choice Awards for 5 different songs? They have also been awarded Best Children's CD twice! from Parents' Magazine and Education.com.

What I love most of Hullabaloo is that they have scheduled performances throughout the year where you can enjoy their live performances. Their performances are not only in San Diego, but also in San Francisco and in Austin Texas!

On September 22nd Hullabaloo will be headlining the 2nd annual Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival in San Diego, this event features a day of music, dance, art and storytelling and it is all great for kids and guess what? It's also their CD release celebration event! To find out more details about their performances please click here

Hullabaloo is a great addition to our children's CD collection and our playlist.
'Raise a Ruckus' is  Adventure Mom and kids appoved! So make sure you check them out.

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