Monday, June 25, 2012

The Veggie Alphabet Challenge {week 2}

As you already know we are challenging you this summer to try new vegetables and find out different ways of preparing them. Last week the letter was "E". We purchased fresh Eggplant at our local grocery store and made sure it was dark purple, soft yet not too soft just right! 

I know my mother incorporates Eggplant in her Lasagna, however as I am working on getting healthy I wanted to add it to my dinner without making it high in calories or fat. So I figured why not slice it and sprinkle a dash of crushed black pepper along with some garlic salt?? A really nice lady at the produce section mentioned to brush the inside of the Eggplant with lemon to prevent it from getting brown {whatever that meant} I did brush it with lemon juice. 


1 Medium sized Eggplant
Crushed Black Pepper {to taste}
Garlic Salt {to taste}
1 Small lemon
Cooking Spray


1.- After washing Eggplant slice into 1/4 inch round slices, place a large skillet on medium heat with cooking spray.

2.- Brush the juice of the lemon onto each side of the slices and sprinkle pepper and garlic salt. Place each round {without overlapping another one} on the skillet. Let cook 2- 4 minutes per side so it does not overcook.


Since I am watching my calorie and carb intake per day,  {read more about this} I was craving a turkey burger so I ended up using the Eggplant instead of Burger Buns and let me tell you it was the perfect texture and compliment to my meal! :) 

Remember to follow the #hashtag #alphabetveggiechallenge on Twitter and visit each Monday for the week's letter. And now I present to you the letter of this week's challenge:

I am changing my eating habits to get healthy, lose weight and feel great. Read more about why I am doing this here,here and here.  This is a sponsored post as part of the  Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration CampaignI have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. All opinions are my own. 


  1. That actually looks really good! You may have convinced me to actually try eggplant. Not an easy task, since I RARELY try anything new :)

    1. That's the best part, if you don't try it you won't know if you like it ;) right?

  2. OMG.. Maribel I love eggplant, that's a great idea for preparing it.
    Never though of it .... Now you may me feel that I MUST HAVE IT!

    1. That's the point ;) to inspire you to eat your veggies! :D

  3. Oh I love it fried, but grilled is a fave way too

  4. I never would have thought eggplant could be used that way. It seriously looks so good!

    1. Emmy it was truly delicious! I was surprised as well and now I am thinking I might prepare again soon.