Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day at The NAT

This Father's Day make it special and visit the San Diego Natural History Museum with Dad! 

On Sunday June 17th in honor of Father's Day The NAT will have FREE admission for Dad's with purchase of a full-priced child/youth ticket for General Admission.*

Enjoy the newest exhibit: The Horse a comprehensive exhibition on the enduring bond between horses and humanity, opened at the San Diego Natural History Museum on June 1, 2012, and will remain on view through January 20, 2013. 

The Horse explores early interactions between horses and humans and shows how horses have, over time, influenced civilization including major changes in warfare, trade, transportation, agriculture, sports, and many other facets of human life. The exhibition, which has never before been seen on the West Coast, is included with general Museum admission.

The Horse coming to the west is special; the horse, we should all remember, is how we got here,” says Joe Harper, CEO, president and general manager of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. “Horses are at the very core of what America is all about. They are a large part of our history and they live on with us today as both symbol and reality of all the things that are good and true and strong in our society. I’d encourage all locals and San Diego visitors to do their insides and their insights a favor and go see The Horse.”

The exhibition showcases spectacular fossils, models, dioramas, and cultural objects from around the world. Visitors entering the exhibition are immediately captivated by a high-definition video projection of a beautiful thoroughbred horse moving across a giant screen. A large-scale video and computer interactive allows visitors to peek inside a life-size, moving horse to learn about its anatomy and biology. They also encounter a 220-square-foot diorama depicting some of the horse species that existed ten million years ago in what is now Nebraska, and representations of the horse in art from the Paleolithic to the present. The exhibition also examines exciting new archaeological discoveries concerning the domestication of the horse and looks at the role of horses in sport, from medieval times on.

For more detailed information on The NAT please click here

*Offer valid only on Sunday June 17, 2012. Good for new sales, no retroactive discounts, offer non-transferable. All sales are final. This offer does not include our Titanic exhibition, but Dad can get a discounted ticket to the exhibition (again, with the purchace of one regularly priced admission ticket).


  1. That looks so awesome. Its one of the places we want to check out. We've been so busy since we got here we have not really been able to explore LA as much as we want too there are so many things we still need to check out.

    1. The San Diego Natural History Museum is in Balboa Park so you can make a day out of it, enjoy a picnic and explore the Museums. It's a great place for families to learn and have fun! :)