Thursday, June 7, 2012

Annie's Homegrown Organic {Review}

At our home we are slowly making the transition to healthier food, so when we were invited to a special event for Annie's Homegrown Organic to introduce their pizza we were very excited to learn about their products and try their new Organic Pizza's!

We were given a package filled with Annie's Homegrown Organic goodies! 

Which we have been enjoying during our adventures and daily activities! 

The first item we tried was the Mac & Cheese, it is made with rice pasta and aged cheddar cheese. Did we mention it is also gluten free?  We are cheese lovers so when we were opening the box the first thing we noticed was the cheddar! :) It is easily prepared in the microwave and the box comes with 5 single servings to which you only add water and mix, easy. 

Adventure Girl was so happy to try it, she asked for seconds. 

As the week came to an end we went to the park and were in need of some healthy snacks so we decided to take the Organic PB&J chewy granola bars {they are the perfect size to fit into my pocket!} and the Bunny Grahams Honey snack packets {which are shaped into bunnies}... They were both a hit! the granola bars do not have any preservatives or artificial ingredients and they taste just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Adventure Girl loved that the box had some facts about PB&J like: National PB&J day is April 2nd, the average American will have eaten 1,500 PB&J sandwiches before graduating from high school. 

Like I've mentioned before on weekends we have a family movie night and this time we paired it with some Annie's Homegrown Organic Pizza {which at the moment is ONLY SOLD at Whole Foods}. 

There are 4 different varieties: Organic Pepperoni, Organic Cheese, Organic Spinach and Mushroom and Organic Supreme. All of them have rising crusts, we took a vote and choose the Organic Pepperoni Pizza. 

This is what Annie's Organic Pizza looks like before baking: 

This is what Annie's Organic Pizza looks like after baking:

Our family of 4 enjoyed Annie's Organic Pizza very much, the taste is delicious and while baking we could smell all of the ingredients! 

We all enjoyed all the goodies that Annie's Homegrown Organic gave us and are fans of their products after trying them. They are delicious, organic and healthy the perfect combination for our family and yours!

Make sure you visit Annie's about page to learn more about their socially responsible company and of course watch a video interview of Annie. Her smile is so contagious :)

You can also follow Annie's on Facebook  Twitter and Pinterest where they share great ideas on gardening and delicious recipes.

Adventure Mom note: Rookie Moms helped with the event goodie bags so we'd also like to thank them for sending us the goodies and letting us know about their new books: "Stuff Every Mom Should Know" and "The Rookie Moms Handbook" which includes 250 activities to do with or without your baby :)

Thank you Rookie Moms!

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