Monday, May 14, 2012

Milanesas {Country Fried Steak}

I was a little too hungry and squirted ketchup
before taking my picture ;)


1 Package of Beef Chuck Cross Rib Steak Thinly Sliced and boneless
Italian Style Bread Crumbs {varies on brand}
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp Vegetable oil


1.- Beat eggs and place on plate large enough for your steaks to fit. Place bread crumbs on a separate plate. Meanwhile place a large skillet on medium heat with oil.

2.- Dip steaks in eggs so both sides are evenly covered then place on bread crumbs and try to coat evenly on both sides.

3.- Cook each side of steaks in skillet with oil for about 5 minutes {or less depending on your stove} What you want is the bread crumbs to be golden and the steak to be fully cooked.

Serve and enjoy!

*We like serving ours with mashed potatoes and mac&cheese, however in Baja Mexico they are served with some french fries or in a bun called "bolillo" and turned into a Mexican sandwich called "torta" either way it is delicious!


  1. Okay mouth watering now! I never get good food pictures as I always want to eat!

    1. Thank you! I sometimes forget like on this meal I squirted my ketchup and then remembered "oh picture!" haha