Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays week 04/10

I am truly fascinated by our toddler, just like I was with his older sister at this age. They are so analytical and observe every little detail, it is truly amazing how much they can grasp and surprising that they pay so much attention to the little things. 

Even though they grow, toddlers need to cuddle and some more than others. I love how he can sit for just a couple of minutes pondering on what he saw during the day in our arms. Before our move our routine was very well established, getting up in the morning and getting to sit with dad for a couple of minutes just cuddling. Now it has changed, he gets to sit with me. I am truly enjoying this. Toddlers are so affectionate and so lovable. 

Like blowing kisses and saying "I wuv u" literally makes anyone in the room melt. 

What new milestones is your toddler achieving? does he/she like to cuddle? 

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