Wednesday, April 4, 2012

San Diego II

We already shared with you some highlights of our beautiful City. Now the time has come to share with you where we shop for groceries and where we live.

A couple of years ago Adventure Dad challenged me to spend no more than $100.00 per week on groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies and our once or twice a week eating out trips {you can read all about it here} in order to complete this challenge I every week have been reviewing the adds for all the supermarkets and have concluded that for us Vons, Costco and Sprouts Farmer's Market works best.

Now I know that Vons may be called differently where you live so just so you know it is the same as Pavilions and Safeway. I mostly purchase meats, poultry and fish here. I also purchase dairy and breakfast items when I don't have time to go to Costco or I run out before the week is over. Their customer service has always been the best I've experienced and the quality of meats is superb {this based on my experience}.

At Costco you have to be a member to be able to purchase and enter, however the membership is worth it. We buy toilet paper, paper towels, milk, shredded cheese, bread, sour cream, coffee, zip top bags, laundry detergent, snacks and eggs regularly here. Occasionally we will purchase apparel, books, fish and big ticket items {such as our bike trailer which I adore!}

Sprouts is fantastic for all your produce needs as well as organic milk and teas, the best part about Sprouts is their bulk section where you will find: all kinds of tree nuts, seeds, rice, beans, trail mixes and more! This is the best place to get your low-sugar or no-sugar at all snacks. Their prices are the best. If you bring your own reusable bag you get a $0.05 discount per bag. Hey it's motivation and believe me it works! ;)

There are several farmers markets in San Diego County, our personal favorite was the Little Italy Mercato at this farmers market you will find everything from baked goods to produce to unique gifts to delicious snacks and meals. Our favorite vendors there are Lisko Artisan Deli {they have the best pestos, hummus, ciabattas and fresh fish!} we also love custom made jewelry by Lily Girl, it so unique and the perfect gift. Paradise Valley Ranch has the best avocados! :)

Now we move onto where to live, it basically depends on where you are working. We have 2 major freeways here the 5 and the 805 so if you work in the downtown area I suggest living close to the 5 which will take you directly to the heart of San Diego as well as the airport. It is not necessary to live near the 5 but it will save you a couple of minutes when commuting.

South San Diego is where we lived. It is the suburbs, but it was the perfect setting to raise a family. There are many elementary schools to choose from. For example the Chula Vista Elementary school district has 44 schools in total and they have a special program called "schools of choice" which means that as long as the school you choose has space for your child and your home school approves your request your child may attend that school even if it isn't your home school. We did the transfer mostly because the school we liked had a fine arts program. There are at least 5 schools that offer dual immersion which means your child can learn Spanish at school.

If you have younger children you can visit your local Adult School, they offer programs for parents/caregivers to attend with child. These programs are called Parenting Education and are excellent for toddler preparation for school. We attended the one in Chula Vista which is located on Vista Square Elementary with Ms. Lori Swem, she is fantastic! both our kids went to class with her and then continued to take this class with Ms. Carol Manzi when they turn 3 years of age. She is also amazing with kids.

As for after school programs like dance lessons, gymnastics, soccer, art I suggest visiting the local community center or recreational center. They offer a wide variety of lessons and are very affordable.

I think we have covered all aspects of our beloved San Diego, if you have any questions or would like us to add anything about where you live in San Diego or where you shop please leave us a comment or e-mail at strllradvsocal {at} hotmail {dot} com


  1. I read lot of articles and really like this article. This information is definitely useful for everyone in daily life. Fantastic job.

    1. Thank you, we wanted to help families that relocate and/or plan on moving San Diego. We know what a challenge it is to find information other than demographics and statistics on any given city when you move. It may be overwhelming and this summarizes it all. Hopefully by reading this post and part I we've helped.