Thursday, April 12, 2012

Butterfly Jungle 2012

I am pleased to introduce you to our visitor. Megan a.k.a. Mrs. Wonder from Sunshine Wonderland she is a mom who loves taking her son on adventures just as we do. She recently took her son on an adventure that happens once a year. 

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a jungle hidden away in the hills of Escondido. Every spring it becomes the best place to see bold colorful butterflies that pose prettily on flowers, leaves and even people's clothes! 

It's been an annual tradition for my family to come see the butterflies. Mrs. Wonder adventure tip: Wear bright clothes and carry a camera when you walk into the "Butterfly Jungle"!

The Butterfly Jungle exhibit is open until Sunday April 15th at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Butterflies are seen other times of the year in the Hidden Jungle exhibit, where Butterfly Jungle is shown annually. You may access the guide to most of the butterfly species at Butterfly Jungle here


To read more in detail about this colorful adventure make sure you visit Mrs. Wonder's blog, click here to read more.


  1. did you know that butterflies were supposedly originally called "flutter bys"?

    1. I didn't, interesting... I love butterflies, ladybugs and birds... I think they are beautiful and very colorful.