Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toddler Tuesday week 03/13

Today as every Tuesday I took our toddler to his Mommy & me class, usually at circle time he fidgets, is wondering around the classroom or just wants to do his own thing at the toy corner. However, since last Tuesday there has been a major improvement: finally he is participating, hooray for that! 

I have to admit this caught me by surprise as he always just sits at the table and observes or plays with stickers while the other children in class listen for their name and place their name card in its place and high five the teacher. I am beyond happy and amazed at how much children can mature in just a couple of days. 

High five to our teacher Ms. Lori for guiding me and working with us, being patient is not my thing so this is not also teaching our son but also teaching me as a mom to be a little more flexible and choose my battles. :)

What has your toddler been up to? Have you noticed anything different in him/her?


  1. High five to you, Maribel! You have been so patient with your little man, and I knew he would come around eventually. Hooray!

    1. Thank you Lori! it has paid off! and at the same he is teaching so much. Thank you for your encouraging words! :) as always.