Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays week 02/28

Every Tuesday for the past couple of months our toddler and I attend a Parenting Class in which both kids and parents or caregivers learn about parenting, do crafts, learn colors, numbers, letters, the teacher reads a story and of course the children benefit on socializing skills as well as kindergarten readiness. Our teacher Ms. Lori is so sweet and patient with all of the parents and children's and runs a tight ship teaching us on how to handle issues that may arise with our children in a very comfortable and personal way.

Today was no different, we went to class attempted to make the craft and as always our toddler refuses to participate in the craft making unless it's related to trains or cars.

Class is from birth to 3 years of age we all know that at 3 years we will be leaving the class and moving on to either a different parenting class or preschool. {In case you didn't know it is not required by law that kids in California attend preschool, which leads to us parents scrambling around and signing up at wait lists to get into preschools, parenting classes or mommy and me}

We are grateful in every way that our City and Adult School offer these parenting classes because they not only help our children prepare for kindergarten, but they also help us as parents learn that we are not alone in the daily struggles we face. The Terrible Two's got nothing on the 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's. I can guarantee parenting children as they get older gets a bit more challenging until they are adults and can decide for themselves we are responsible for them to learn from right and wrong.

If you have a child 5 of age or under I highly suggest you find a parenting class in your area and take your child each week. The benefit is for your family and child. As a sign in Ms. Lori's class reads: "The best investment is spending time with your child". It is so true! Bonding is key at a young age. The benefits are endless, how do I know? My now 6 year old was in Ms. Lori's class and learned so much. We both did.

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