Friday, January 20, 2012

Tired Kids

Photo Credit: Stroller Adventures
On this week's series of Theme Thursdays we are talking about kids getting tired, over stimulated by activities.

How do you know when your child is tired, over stimulated with activities and plain exhausted? In our home both our kids react in such a way that would make you think they have more energy! that is the first warning sign. They start running in circles, screaming, asking for something to eat, something to drink -within seconds of finishing their complete meal!- everything turns into a battle and it's parents vs. kids. They start rebelling against rules, when we say ok time for bath it turns into drama.

It's important for us as parents to know our kids well, so well that we can see the warning signs telling us to slow down. I have to admit I do get tired, but like to keep going. I like sharing new places with my family, visiting museums and having fun. However I should also know when to stop. Take a deep breath and enjoy a day at home doing nothing in particular.

This morning our 6 year old gave us the final warning, rebelling against everything and doing the opposite of what she had to do in order to be ready for school. It is a battle that both my husband and I do not like one bit, but it happens. Glad the weekend is here we will take this opportunity to regroup and recover so that come Monday morning she is ready for her regular activities.

How do you know when your kids are done? Are there any warning signs? How do you regroup?


  1. When my son gets more energy than before, I know its almost naptime. He's like me and shows he's tired easy in the face, he getsthese little tireed circles. He also tends to yell "NO" for anything. ;)

  2. I too am easy to show when I'm tired. My 2 year old does nap but the 6 year old rarely naps even as an infant. So I guess she could be exhausted since infancy.