Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Big Year

Comedic Icons Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson Star in the Hilarious Outdoor Adventure Coming to Blu-ray and DVD January 31!

Is getting more outdoor time on your New Year’s resolution list for 2012? Could this be YOUR Big Year?  In this beginner’s guide we’ll direct you to where you can find online field guides, deals on binoculars, regional checklists and new birding buddies to go on trips with.  Grab a notebook and start practicing your birdcalls and soon you will be having the biggest year ever!

Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson portray three men from very different walks of life, facing a mid-life crisis, a work-life crisis and a no-life crisis.  In the biggest competition of their lives, they undertake an unforgettable trek through North America, engaging in hilarious and bizarre adventures and forming friendships that will last a lifetime!

Many hardcore birders like to have physical field guides that they can take with them, and many people employ the use of regional field guides, as they offer more specific advice. As you are starting your birding adventure, try using a site like What Bird, which allows you to search for species in many different ways (including by region and by appearance). What Bird also has handy apps for e-readers and smart phones, which allow you to access their immense database on the go!


If you want to get serious about birding, you need a proper pair of binoculars. When you’re searching for your first pair, you need to pay attention to seven things: magnification, objective lens size, close focus, field of view, roof vs. porro prism, eye relief, and the 3 Ws (weight, waterproof and warranty). Go to Online Nature Mall for help choosing the type of binoculars that are right for you, as well as suggestions on where to buy them for the best price.

The best way to start birding is to observe (and learn to recognize) the birds in your own backyard!  To do this, you should consult a checklist of the birds that appear in your region. One of the best sites to visit when looking for information on species in your region is Wild Birds which  has birds from each state in a United States (as well as most of Canada) represented on their site, with comprehensive checklists, reading lists and relevant links included.

Birding Buddies

The best way to find a buddy to bird with is to join different groups for birding enthusiasts. Two of the largest birding organizations in the United States are the American Birding Association and the National Audubon Society. Each of these larger, national organizations can steer you towards either region-specific sectors of their organization, or smaller birding clubs in your area. You could also use Meetup to find birders in your area, and local events or trips to take part in. 

It's Giveaway time! One of our readers will be randomly chosen to receive a Blu-Ray/DVD combo of The Big Year! All you have to do to enter is leave us a comment stating how will YOU make this your BIG YEAR? that's it!!! easy right?

*This Giveaway is open to U.S. residents ONLY, age 18 or over. Giveaway ends 02/01/2012 at 11:59 p.m. (PST). Winner will be randomly chosen and will be notified by e-mail. Winner must reply with name and mailing address.

*I received a copy of "the big year" as a gift, however all opinions shared on this blog post are my own. 


  1. Simply to just try to live life, as simple as getting up in the morning and doing all those everyday things that most people take for granted, as in stepping outside and enjoying the sunshine, walking your dog, visiting friends, running errands.....

  2. I will make this my big year by adding the Big Year blue ray movie to my colection :)

  3. I'm going to start putting my art online, hope it leads somewhere :)

  4. I'm taking care of my health needs this year!

  5. This will be my BIG YEAR by enjoying everyday as it comes!!!!

  6. I will make this my BIG year by losing weight! 50 pounds down so far!

  7. 2012 is going to be a big year because my 4 year old is going to learn how to read!