Monday, December 26, 2011

Our favorite apps

I often get asked what apps I use on my iPhone and I would suggest downloading. First things first, I have not yet paid for an app. I feel that there are so many great FREE options that there isn't a need for it.

Balboa Park: Yes! Balboa Park has its own app for iPhone, this app is excellent it includes a map of the park, a list of museums along with their schedule, gardens/trails and also dining options. If you live in San Diego I highly suggest you download this app, it also lets you know about special events.

Sound Hound, SoundHound Inc.: Ever hear a song on the radio and want to download it from itunes or just know who is singing? well this app helps with that plus it shows you the lyrics and has a link to purchase it.

Flashlight, by iHandy: Remember when we had that blackout back in September? I couldn't find our flashlights so since my phone is always with me I just clicked on this app and had instant light.

My Radar, by Aviation Data Systems Inc.: We live in "sunny" San Diego, but we also get a bit of every single season in the same day. When I want to plan our day I usually check on this app to see how the clouds are and if rain is near. It also allows me to view cloud/rain activity around the globe.

Pandora Radio, Pandora Media Inc.: I love to listen to jazz, music from the 40s, relaxing nature music and also love dance or do errands with a beat. This app allows you to listen to your favorite artists or songs by doing a search on the title of the song or the artist then you get to enjoy it commercial free for at least 15 minutes when there is a small commercial that lasts less than 30 seconds! Holiday Music, latest songs, kids songs specially. My kids love the Laurie Berkner Band and they have a station for her!

Planets, by Q Continuum: This app is fantastic! it shows you the constellations and what planet is visible. The schedule helps to figure out when is the best time to see a specific planet or group of stars. Our 6 year old is fascinated by it and has learned to look for some constellations.

Instagram, by Burbn Inc: I love love love this app! I take pictures on it constantly and then add some fun lightning effect. My absolute favorite effects are:  Hudson, X-Pro II, Lomo-fi, inkwell, Valencia, 1977 and Nashville. Then you can "follow" your favorite blogger -like me ;)  and some companies that add pictures daily, you can also add family members so you are in constant contact with them.

Pinterest, by Cold Brew Labs: This app is an electronic pin board, where you can upload pictures of your favorites into one of the different categories; among these categories are: crafts, art, beauty, hair, women's fashion, kids, architecture, places to visit, outdoors and many more. This app also allows you to "follow" and be "followed". To be able to pin to this app you must first request an invite and after a couple of days or sometimes a week you will get invited and thus create your own account to pin, like and follow whatever interests you.

Target, by Target: I have to admit I'm a big fan of target, let's be honest they have everything in one place! which makes this busy mom's shopping easier and prices are very comparable with their competitors. This app is very helpful, it has a QR code built-in accessory that allows you to scan any item you want to verify price and get a full description. Not only that there are coupons and you can view the weekly add on your iPhone as if that weren't enough you may create your shopping list! Awesome right!

Facebook, by Facebook: It is just like the website you view at your home computer, the difference? you can check into places and keep tabs on friends and family. I use it to keep in touch and sometimes chat with  friends or family.

What apps do you like and use the most?

Disclosure: All of the above apps were paid were downloaded and paid by me. I am not affiliated in any way with any of the companies mentioned above.


  1. I have a lot of these apps, and I couldn't agree more. I am going to download flashlight now. Great idea!

    I also couldn't live without Shazam (it was free when I bought it...not sure if it still is).


  2. GREAT list! thanks for sharing. my faves are shazam, twitter and instagram! i forgot to add the flaslight app!!! for my son i have PBS kids and Beary Happi which are both free! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  3. Shazam is good too, but I kept reaching the limit to quickly. As for kids I have a coloring one and ABC Mouse as well as Dr Seuss