Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Post Titles, explanation here.

As you may have noticed we have been doing some minor changes in the way we post. Here is a list and explanation of titles for your easier navigation through our blog:

MENU MONDAYS: Every Monday we post a list of the dinners we will be cooking up that week, formerly "What's for Dinner?". We also include recipes and when we prepare these meals we will update with pictures for you to see what it looks like.

TODDLER TUESDAYS: Tuesdays we share our adventures in parenting a toddler. We all know that toddlers are very curious of their surroundings, this is how they learn how things work. We'd love for you to share with us your latest story on that post too!

WHERE WEDNESDAYS: Formerly "Favorite Events of the Weekend", on this post you will find what fun events are going on that weekend in San Diego. We usually choose 2 - 4 events depending on what catches our attention.

THANKFUL THURSDAYS: We love looking at the positive in our day to day and showing appreciation for it. Share what you are thankful for that week.

Additional posting as always will happen randomly as well as longer posts, make sure you register as a "follwer" to get up to date posts from this blog and don't forget to share this blog with friends and family.

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