Friday, October 28, 2011

The weekly routine.

Three days a week our kids have activities after school, this week was no different. It begins on Tuesdays and ends on Thursdays. Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to school, pick up and drive straight to either ice skate, Cathecism or gymnastics. In all honesty I love driving my kids to their lessons, no complaints there.

However this week as I was driving to ice skating I began to think why are we doing this? Why are we adding activities to school? There are kids that only go to school and after school they do homework and play with their friends, ride bikes or might even go to a park. When I was growing up I did take dance lessons and I did study German when I was in fifth grade (I begged for this class!), we took piano lessons also. Yes, we did get to play and ride bikes too.

I do agree times have changed and nowadays I only see a minority of kids just that just play and do homework.
Now the ice skating and gymnastics our daughter choose entirely on her own. She made the request for these classes as for Cathecism it prepares her for a very important sacrament in our faith. Therefor no choice on that one.

After pondering all evening driving to and from ice skating this week I thought to myself well if she asked for these classes and is doing good in school and on her extra activities why not allow her to continue? Not to mention it is physical activity and provides her with a great opportunity to learn something new.

How do after school activities work in your home? who chooses them? I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

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