Sunday, October 23, 2011

Museo "El Trompo" - In Tijuana Mexico-.

A couple of weekends ago our family visited "Museo El Trompo" in Tijuana Baja Mexico. "El Trompo" translated into English is "The Spinner". Remember those toys that are made of wood with a metal pin in the middle and a long string that you wrap around it and then throw it towards the ground and the topper kept spining? that is what "El Trompo" refers to.

The museum is located less than 10 miles from the Mexico - U.S. Border. As you cross into Tijuana Mexico you take the "Via Rapida Poniente" and exit at "Manuel J. Clouthier Blvd."  To be exact it is next door to the newly built World Trade Center.

You will see the Museum to your left as you are driving in the highway. It is a copper building with a very modern design!

Photo Credit: Maribel Reyes, Main Entrance 

As you enter the Museum to your right is a front desk/information center and straight across from it is the ticket booth. You choose what exhibits you will go into, for example for a family of 5 including 2 kids over the age of 3, 1 toddler and 2 adults we paid the equivalent to $17.00 U. S. Dollars! not bad right? We had full access to all the 5 exhibits. The only activity missing was the 3D movie -we decided to forgo the movie since we had our 22 month old toddler with us. Parking was $0.50 U.S. Dollars and it is in a private lot next to the main entrance.

Each exhibit hall has ushers at their door that review your admission ticket and direct you to the first activity, at each station within that exhibit hall is another staff member that explains what you are learning and how to participate.

The exhibits are divided by activity categories: Children's Hall, Science Hall, Technology Hall, Multipurpose room, Audiorama.  We only visited 3 exhibits in 4 hours! so when you visit plan for a whole day full of fun!

The Children's Hall has interactive activities for children 6 years of age or younger. Among the activities you can see baby chicks that have just hatched, a black scorpion and a lizard. Some of the most interesting activities that completely engaged our kids attention was the fishing boat, where you are given fishing poles with magnets on the end to "fish" the different types of fish in the ocean. There is one minor detail: they have a sign that lists with a picture and name the animals you can't fish due to them being in high risk of disappearing. This teaches the kids about safe fishing.

Photo Credit: Maribel Reyes

Another interesting activity was conducting an orchestra, this activity was so much fun that even us as adults had to play! ;)  depending on the speed that you move the baton the orchestra plays! pretty cool right?

At the Science Exhibit you will learn about the different types of energy, how to conserve water and how our bodies work. There is also a bubble station to have lots of fun with the many shapes and sizes.

Photo Credit: Maribel Reyes

The last exhibit we visited was the Audiorama, at this exhibit kids can make crafts and take home with them, they have a large children's library and comfy seating in fun shapes like rainbows or clouds. They also have a media room with Internet access computers!

Photo Credit: Maribel Reyes, learn more about nature through live animals.

"Museo El Trompo" has information at every exhibit in both English and Spanish and is the perfect Museum to go to when visiting Tijuana.

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