Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kid-friendly Taco Shop in Ensenada.

We have mentioned activities to do while traveling to Ensenada Baja Mexico, however we haven't talked about kid-friendly restaurants. We have been to several and would like to share our experience with you!

Mk Taco in business since 1985
Photo by Stroller Adventures in SoCal

The first restaurant/taco shop to be featured in our blog is Mk Taco, it is located on the "main st" of Ensenada -Coastal Blvd- "Blvd. Costero" which is the same street you use as you exit the highway and enter the City of Ensenada.

Hand made flour tortillas
Photo by Stroller Adventures in SoCal

Mk Taco not only features delicious carne asada tacos, but also hand made flour tortillas and quesadillas as well as tortas (mexican sandwich in a special bread called "telera").

Flour Tortilla quesadilla with Mexican sausage "chorizo"
Photo by Stroller Adventures in SoCal

They have clean restrooms and optional seating on a bar stool or if you'd prefer a table with chairs they got them! What would make this taco shop even better? High Chairs of course!!! yes you read right, they have 3 high chairs that are clean and ready for you to enjoy your meal. We recently dined there and let me tell you that from my experience it was a hit! our kids ate all their taco and loved watching the flour tortillas being made.

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  1. I surely agree, is my favorite too, since they open have been operated by the same owner, and that says a lot