Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Facebook taught me this week.

It's amazing how much we now rely on social networks, if anything I've learned a lot from Facebook this week:

a) I don't like changes! Even though the only constant in life is change, I don't take it very well specially when it flusters and perplexes me. It is not good, I may need some adjustment therapy but will get over it as soon as I figure out how this new layout works.

b) I follow or "like" way too many pages! Yes like everyone else I "liked" every single company or business that offered something in exchange a coupon code, a discount and even freebies. I am human and I like to be frugal.

I can completely relate to how the yuppie generation felt when computers took over and they had a difficult time understanding them, but yet they adjusted pretty darn good to them! Heck my mom is now on twitter and knows about blogs! ;)  must mean I am training her well -now if I could only get the hubbs to get a Facebook account-. So now as I am attempting to understand i.e. navigate graciously the "new" Facebook I can only hope that all the changes that are to happen in the next couple of days/weeks will not take over my mood.

Have great day! -no matter how confused we are ;) -

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  1. Change is something we have to deal with everyday of our lives. We change hair color, food preferences, change cars, we take a different route to work or school, we style our kids hair differently, we drink diet today, lime tomorrow.

    We like change and unlike other things in life that are constant, change paralyzes us, we feel invaded, attacked, we feel like we lose something when we reach the break point and we have to change.

    But I've given up on change-related stress, I have come to terms with change. I'm losing hair now, my son grows what seems like an inch every day, my favorite food usually only lasts a couple of weeks as such and I drink the same drink since I can remember.

    We are a generation sandwiched in the middle of technology changes, and Facebook is only one of the myriad of sites that we have come to love, then hate, then forget, then miss again. Remember Hi5, MySpace, GeoCities, eToys, Lycos, Netscape, Yahoo (Back when it was relevant), Altavista, and many more.

    Nowadays we have the Facebooks, the Wikipedias, the TechCrunches, Onions, Twitters and YouTubes to sort things out.

    I wish you change, acceptance first, but change, welcome it as if changing means you are renewed, you are reminded how brief is everything compared to the universe which is always changing. We are product of many decisions and change is ever present in our lives.

    Best regards. (I'm changing sites back to my home, the CaraLibro says my wife).