Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 years and counting.

Tomorrow is a very special day in our family, it is our first born's 6th birthday. We are very excited to begin a new chapter in her book of life. It's funny how we parents feel about our children growing up, bittersweet if you ask me. We are happy to see them grow and slowly become their own person and learn from us as well as from teachers, family members, friends and their community -it does take a village!- yet sad because we'd like to pause time and hold on to the early years even with sleepless nights and tantrums I'd keep it that way to just see them discover something new each and everyday "mommy look I built a tower!" "mommy I can ride my bike!" "daddy look I drew it all by myself" "daddy I can jump on one foot!".

The memories will always be there, just like 6 years ago today I was faced with a hard decision that was not made by me but by a higher power. I remember as if it were today! I was 34 weeks pregnant and happy to be expecting a girl, the name was chosen at 20 weeks Sara and both my husband and I were excited to soon meet her.

I stayed home from work that day because I kept feeling pressure on my right abdominal area. We honestly thought it was indigestion, but even wearing clothes I felt uncomfortable. As we arrived at the Doctor's office for my 34 week well check-up he asked if I had any comments or questions to which I responded "yes, I feel pressure on my right abdominal area right below my ribs" after my answer everyone in the Doctors office face changed and they went into a frenzy to get tests done and an ultrasound. The diagnosis? Sever Pre-eclampsia/ borderline Eclampsia. My blood pressure had risen to 170/120 and there was not a moment to spare!

The Doctor immediately told us the news we feared: "your baby must be born today or at the latest tomorrow, you are to go to the hospital (across the street) and get admitted we will begin inducing you and I will meet you there as soon as I get all your paperwork in my hand" shock?? yes! more like concern, wasn't our baby daughter still in gestation?

Sara was delivered via C-Section at 34.5 weeks gestation at 2:54 p.m. weighing 3.12 lbs but filled with life!

Sara in the NICU of Scripps Mercy
Sara stayed in the NICU for a month, I was kept for a week and do not recall to this day meeting her or holding her until the following day. As I write this I still have tears coming out of my eyes just thinking about the day I was discharged from the hospital with an empty car seat, my heart stayed at the hospital as I left our newborn baby there.

Today Sara is a bright, spunky, active, funny little girl who is growing up to become her own person. She still has traits that remind us of each other but she is her own person. She is very creative, loves to write and read. She makes us laugh and is very kind and sweet. There will always be challenges in raising children and the demands are greater than anything you've ever heard of being a parent, but the rewards are much more gratifying and we are thankful to be so blessed to have you.

Sara and mommy.

...and we will forever be in love with our Sara. Just like all parents are with their children.

We love you Sara, Happy 6th birthday our love. You are and always will be mommy and daddy's princess!


  1. aw, that gave me chills just reading this. How hard it must have been to have an emergency c-section when you weren't expecting it and then leave her there at the hospital! Happy Birthday Sara!

  2. Me sacaste la lagrima Comadre!! sorry por ponerlo en espanol pero no me puedo concentrar en este momento!!! Los quiero, y muy orgullosa de mi ahijada!! Martha

  3. Me sacaste la lagrima comadre!!! muy orgullosa de mi ahijada y de su madre!!! Feliz Cumpleanos Sara!!
    te quiere tu nina, Martha.

  4. Me hiciste llorar! Ufffff!!!! Un Besote a todos en especial s mi primita hermosa en este si cumpleaƱos, un gran abrazo para ella, una personita con una luz muy especial que ilumina siempre cualquier lugar donde esta. Te queremos Sara. Atte. Los Manrique A mbriz