Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nighttime Zoo... The Animals.

Last night we decided to meet my husband after work at the San Diego Zoo. Our plan was to enjoy some exhibits and entertainment but most importantly kick off our weekend filled with family fun! (Dinner would also be enjoyed at the Zoo).

The difference between visiting the San Diego Zoo during the day and in the evening/nighttime is simple: less crowds, not so hot and most importantly active animals in most of the exhibits! The latter being the most important, since lately it had seemed whenever we visit the animals were not active or hidden in their homes.

The elephants were wondering around their exhibit:

Asian Elephant

Meerkats are always fun to observe, just remember you might find them in the most surprising place of their exhibit. We found one up high!

When you visit the San Diego Zoo it is always good to look around when entering/exiting, you never know what animal you might spot:


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