Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mountain Hawk Park

Last weekend my family and I were at Mountain Hawk Park, it is located at the end of Olympic Parkway in the Chula Vista area. This park has plenty to offer.

Two very different play structures:

There is also water fun! So make sure to bring a bathing suit and run through the water "sprinkler" fountain section... it is refreshing.

There is a beautiful view of Otay Lake and the road that leads to Tecate.

Plan to spend the day at the park with your family and friends. Even though there are kiosks and plenty of picnic tables on weekends we suggest taking a canopy or tent to enjoy some shade, along with some chairs. There is also a big green area where you can run, play football, or any other game. You may also ride bike through their bike trails.

This park has it all and the location  makes it even more unique!

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