Monday, July 11, 2011

A little FUN!

As I am multitasking -just as all moms out there :) - doing laundry, folding laundry, putting it away, watching my kids play, play with my kids, doing research, cleaning kitchen... wow! just writing it makes me realize how much we do! :)

Our 18 month old son is trying to jump off the sofa! and our almost 6 year old is reading I begin to think what word would best describe each of our kids?

FEARLESS!! that would describe our 18 month old son. He is always climbing onto something (whatever it is he can: furniture, toys, books, shoes, closets!)

SWEET!! that is how our almost 6 year old daughter is.  She is always ready for a hug, a cuddle, protecting her brother and family and smiling.

What word, yes ONE WORD best describes your kid or kids?? We'd love to know.. Please leave a comment with it on this post.


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