Sunday, July 24, 2011

#1 Activity to do with kids while visiting Ensenada: "Malecon"

Mexican Flag at Malecon.

Among the many places tourists are sure to visit -besides Hussong's Cantina and Papa's & Beer-, they are beginning to have family oriented activities and places to go to. Even for the locals this is new and very well deserved.

A tradition that has existed for a very long time but that in Ensenada became the "in" activity back in 1998. On any given day tourists and locals gather to go for an outing at the Malecon.

View from the "Malecon"
As you enter Ensenada along side the Pacific Ocean you will find "El Malecon" -the pier- with small restaurants, souvenir shops, fishing boat rental and tours, the very famous "Mercado Negro" -seafood market-, movie theatre and last but not least a playground area.

Paddle boats for rent.
In the center of it all is the Mexican flag, flying high and mighty with the Pacific Ocean's cool breeze. That is where you will find the "Mini Express Train" you may ride on! For $20.00 Mexican Pesos (the equivalent to $1.85 US Dollars) per person you will get a 15 minute ride along the Ocean with incredible views of the docked cruise ships, Ensenada International Port's big red cranes -which are used to move containers in/out of ships-and the marina.

This is where you line up to board the Mini Express Train

Mini Express Train and Ticket booth to the far right.

There is also a playground with a play structure for kids to play in.

Very fun playground!
And just in case you were wondering, yes they do have public restrooms. They are well stocked and cleaned routinely that is why to enter and use them there is a $5.00 Mexican Pesos ($0.50 US Dollars) fee.

Public Restrooms.

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