Friday, June 3, 2011

SeaWorld San Diego.

There are 2 new things to do at SeaWorld San Diego:

  1. One Ocean (Shamu Stadium): It is the new show for Sea Worlds' killer whales. The 25 minute show features a new stage backdrop, 27 arcing fountains and a musical score by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra set in Shamu Stadium's 3.2 million gallon pool.  Working exclusively from the stage, trainers now kiss, hug and dance with the whales from the waterside, occasionally using temporary safety railings for up-close interactions.
  2. Turtle Reef: Officially opens June 18th, will be the new home of more than 60 threatened and endangered sea turtles. Learn where they live, what they eat, their life cycle and how you can help them. It will also include Riptide Rescue their new ride! 
McDonald's is offering a promotional coupon that saves you $20.00 on single day admission. There is a 6 ticket limit and only accepts original coupons. It is valid from 5/2/11 - 9/30/11. It is NOT valid with any other discount, special event, special pricing or Fun Card/Annual Pass purchase.

This coupon is valid for zip codes 90000 - 93599. So stop by your local mcdonald's and order anything from their menu and as you pay you will receive this coupon!

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