Thursday, June 30, 2011

Las Vegas with kids!

I know some of you dread the thought of going to Las Vegas Nevada with your kids, however times have changed and there are many things to do in "Sin City" with kids. We recently spent a weekend there -a wonderful weekend!- and we had plenty of fun! 

Here's what we did and where we stayed:

Our weekend began on Thursday evening when we decided to bite the bullet and drive through the night so that this way the kids would sleep most of the drive. We left home around 10 p.m. with the kids ready for bed (bathed and wearing PJ's) we drove all the way to Primm Valley and stayed the night there so that we could rest. We had planned going as far as we could to avoid the sun, heat and traffic and this was as far as we went. We had packed a small night bag with essentials for the following morning.

As soon as we woke up and were ready to go we hit the road to Las Vegas arriving around noon. Las Vegas hotels are well known for their luxurious accommodations, out of this world service and uniqueness! the city of lights shines even at daylight! -Hotels always have special promotions going on so always research and shop around for what best fits your budget-.

We had reservations at the Mandalay Bay Resort which is located on the Southern end of the famous Strip. Our room was very spacious with 2 queen sized beds, double sink vanities in the bathroom, a big flat screen on the wall and best of all a big floor to ceiling window that allowed our 18 month old to get excited and view helicopters and planes land and take off!

Of course Mandalay Bay Resort is well known for their state of the art pools, among their pools you have a wave pool. This wave pool has a very strict rule you must be at least 48" tall or you will have to stay in the other pools. Then there's the lazy river for which if you didn't bring an inner tube you may purchase one. Then there's 2 regular pools that offer plenty of relaxation and what is a pool area without a hot tub? even when it was 114 degrees outside people would be inside of it.

The Resort also features an aquarium, Shark Reef. Which is the home to over 2,000 animals. Among the animals are sharks, giant rays, sea turtles, piranhas, crocodiles just to name a few. I found it amazing how this aquarium contains more than 1 million gallons of seawater considering this is the desert!

All in all this resort will keep you and your family entertained through out your stay, however you are in Las Vegas and there is much more to see!

In our family we have a 5 year old who is a big fan of M&M's that with every trip to Las Vegas we know we have to take her at least once to visit their "world". From this Hotel it is very easy, my kids and I took the Mandalay Bay Tram to the Excalibur Hotel, then crossed the street on one their many bridges to reach the MGM Grand Hotel then walked to the Showcase Mall.

Inside the Showcase Mall are Coca-Cola World, M&M's World, Adidas World and a small food court. Within the food court is Wendy's, Burger King, Stabucks, Subway, Panda Express and more.

The M&M's World is not only a store, they also have a mini movie that stars... you guessed it! M&M characters such as Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Plus on the top floor they have a replica of their Nascar Race Car that you may take pictures with and what would a character store be without a character to take a picture with? Sometimes it's Yellow and others it's Red who is walking around ready to pose for or with you.

Next door to the M&M's world store is the Coca-Cola world store which also features their famous Polar Bear character. Along with all their line of products and souvenirs, but also a coca-cola bar where you can pick up a tray filled with samplings of all their drinks!

As you can see Las Vegas can be family friendly and FUN!...

*Disclaimer: We did not receive any sort of compensation for this post. This was just an experience we had and wanted to share. We do not endorse any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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