Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drive-In Theater.

Tonight my family and I embarked on a new adventure. We had fun as always! and learned new things. We decided to go to a Drive-In theater after our two kids getting too excited about the new Cars2 movie. Our 5 year old has been to the movie theater several times, however our 18 month old has never been. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take both kids to the Drive-In.

Now many of us have childhood memories of the drive-in, but there are also many families that have never been. My husband for example had never been to one, so the concept was new for him and also interesting -view the movie from the "comfort" of our car?-. So we prepared as best we could to our knowledge based on my childhood experience.

We researched San Diego's Drive-In locations and found out that there is one here in the South bay area, a couple of miles north of the border off the interstate 5 Southbound you exit on Coronado Ave. and almost immediately you will find the entrance to your left.

Screen #1

Admission is:

$7.00 per adult
$1.00 for children 5-9 years of age
FREE for children under 5

As you enter after paying admission fees you are directed to the screen in which the movie you are viewing is going to be shown also you are indicated what radio station to tune into. The first 4 rows of parking are for vehicles such as sedans, coupes. The 4th row and so on are for minivans, trucks, suv's.

There was only one preview and then our movie! we had so much fun! our kids enjoyed not being confined to their seat and the freedom to roam inside the car.

Restrooms are clean and well stocked, they could use a little remodel but nonetheless they are clean. As for the concession stand, items were priced right for example a large order of nachos was only $3.75  and a corn dog  was $0.99, soft drinks were also under a $1.00 for a small size.

Of course you are at liberty to bring your own food, some families took dinner and enjoyed it before the movie started.

Here is what to bring:

  • Chairs (just in case you'd like to be sitting in one at all times)
  • Blankets
  • Pillows (if using the trunk of your SUV)
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Bug repellent (due to the weather we felt a lot of mosquito's!)
  • Dinner

But remember less is more, so just bring the essential amount of what you will use or need. If you have little ones we would suggest you take them in their pijamas, in our case both our kids fell asleep 30 minutes before the movie ended and were ready for bed so when we got home we just transferred them to their beds.

Did it work for our 18 month old?? Well let me be completely honest, it was a little hard because his attention span is less than an hour. But on the bright side our 5 year old and us got to see the highly anticipated movie.

For more information on this particular Drive-In log onto

For a complete list of local Drive-In's log onto

*Disclaimer: We are not endorsing in any way or form South Bay Drive-In nor did we receive special pricing or FREE admission. We simply wanted to share our experience and give you an idea of what to do.

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