Monday, May 2, 2011

The Spa Treatment.

When we think of Las Vegas Nevada, we automatically think "Sin City"! it is the City that "never sleeps" with endless places to play, eat, sleep, shop, etc. Where during peak season stores are often open after 9:00 p.m. It is the city of excess' and of course most people forget their diet once they arrive! why not? it's so easy to overindulge! with every sweet confection decorated as a masterpiece. There are no limits as to what to expect.

We've been traveling to Las Vegas at least once a year since I was about 4 years old. I guess I can be called an expert on the subject. Based on it's views and attractions, hotels you can say that bigger means better, more fun and even though sometimes it seems overwhelming -because you want to take in all the sights in a weekend- you also want to be able to relax during your visit. It's vacation, down-time for you. In my particular case "VEGAS" as we call it means spa time... relaxation and time to recharge. Yes I said it, relax.

Some people like me want to just enjoy a little pampering in an ambiance where you literally disconnect from time and even though it may be hard to believe it is true. A couple of years ago -4 to be exact- I discovered this little secret. I have tried several and consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to Spa's in Las Vegas. There's the "largest in the world" with 137,000 square feet which prides itself with a rock climbing wall, it's own restaurant and fitness class' such as the one located in The Palazzo/The Venetian.

Then there is the simple one where service is #1 just like at their hotel "The Wynn". It is quite luxurious however it needs more activities for their clientele to want to keep coming back. But it is not in my top 3. Sorry Wynn. Love you as a Hotel but not as a spa. Then there's the one where hanging out to tan is one of the features.

I personally prefer the perfect balance in excellent service and relaxation. This spa in my opinion is THE BEST! I've been fortunate enough to be there in 3 different occasions. Enjoying mineral infused waters in three different pools with their own temperatures: tepid, cold and hot. The hot one is the best to relax your muscles. Specially when you sit under the "waterfall" ah, so relaxing...

This spa is the only one with an arctic room, this is where it "snows". Yes I am talking about Qua Spa at Caesar's Palace. It stands alone in my opinion in all categories. It offers at least 8 different herbal teas that are steeped to perfection by a staff member.

You can spend eight hours in this spa and not realize it, lounging while enjoying your tea as you read through your favorite magazine. Not your typical day right? well at least not my typical day. LOL. I'm a stay-at-home mom or as some people put it "SAHM" to two lovely, creative, energetic kids 5 and 1. I pride myself on enjoying my time alone. Going into the Spa at 10:00 a.m. and coming out of it at about 6:00 p.m.! I savor every second of it.

Here is what a day at this spa is like:

As you check-in on the third floor of the Augustus Tower you are greeted by calming and soothing music from nature. Water falls from the ceiling behind the front desk and lighting is dimmed to resemble a forest. Then you walk through a long hallway where all you can think of is nothing! yes nothing... as you access the spa doors (they are 2 sets of doors the one on the left is for women) you are greeted by a staff member who will ask for your shoe size and robe size. She will give you a grand tour of the facilities, show you your own personal locker and provide you with a warm terry cloth robe and zen sandals.

You have two options, go au naturel or wear a bathing suit. It is your own personal choice. I've tried both and they are completely different experiences. Then you are ready to begin indulging yourself in pampering and relaxation. You may also have a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure. We've had the couples massage and also individual Swedish massages. Both great options!

So next time you are in Vegas try something different and relax... you'll enjoy it so much you'll go back again and again.

** Qua Baths and Spa in Las Vegas offers a $45.00 USD per person/per day pass which includes access and use of the facilities including terry cloth robe and sandals for your use inside the Spa. Massages, Facials as well as other services are at a different price so please make sure you visit their website for the up to the minute deals and pricing as well as etiquette.

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