Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trips don't always go as planned... we should know we're parents!

Our journey to the OC (Orange County) began on Friday, it was a smooth drive there with kids. When we arrived being greeted by family was the best. Sleeping? well that's a whole other story! if you've had the "pleasure" of traveling with your little ones already, you must of noticed how excited and over-stimulated they can be specially in new surroundings where they are not accustomed to be. Needless to say we had no exceptions here.

Our almost 15 month old missed his 7:30 p.m. bedtime and decided to finally dose off in the arms of daddy around 10:00 p.m. and his older 5 year old sister did not fall asleep easily either. But it was an out of town trip that we were going to make the best of.

The following morning I had it all figured out: we would have breakfast and get ready to go to the Columbia Memorial Space Museum in Downey and then head on over to Porto's Bakery for a great Cuban lunch. I have to admit it did take us what seemed like forever to leave the house so around 11 we had a small change of plans have lunch at Tokyo Table and then head on over to Downey for the Museum and after that take out at Porto's.

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice Sushi with fresh jalape├▒o Chili from Tokyo Table 

As my wise sister-in-law told me recently with kids it is all about "accepting", you "accept" you can't go out on time, you "accept" you can't just take off and leave. When you finally figure this out and "accept" your new rhythm of life and routine it is then that you learn to enjoy what is going on in your life. So taking that into consideration I went with the flow.

We had lunch at Tokyo Table, it is a great place to eat. Service was fantastic and even though I had to take our son out of the restaurant for a bit because he was a little uncomfortable and I didn't not want to interrupt everyone else's peace and enjoyment I decided to take him for a walk.

In my opinion I honestly wouldn't consider this restaurant kid-friendly, just because a restaurant has high chairs to me it doesn't make the place open to families with toddlers or babies. Still I went with the flow and when he got a little too loud (as all toddlers do) I took him outside and had the opportunity of going into H Mart.

Now H Mart might seem like your typical supermarket, however it is targeted mostly to the Asian population. With toiletries, home goods, cleaning items, produce and packaged meals as well as ingredients that have labels in Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Cambodian. You name it they have it! Fresh seafood that is ready to cook? sure! Fresh Dragon Fruit? Of course, it is flown in from Malaysia and Indonesia... Price wise they are better than your chain Supermarket. My son was very entertained with their Seafood aisle that included fresh whole squid! and even baby squids, fresh abalone in a water tank...

Fresh Dragon Fruit, when choosing look for the one with the most vibrant Magenta color for it to be ripe.

After lunch we decided to shop and head back home. As a parent who has type "A" personality I can honestly say that I am happy and pleased with our how our day turned out and ended on a high note with a dip in the hot tub under the moon and stars.

Our Sunday got off to an early start with a family birthday party at the official training center for The Ducks at The Rinks. It is the place to go for ice skating and hockey. We had the pleasure of enjoying some fun ice skating and I would recommend this place if you know how to skate, they have two Olympic sized rinks divided by a warm and cozy lobby. Also if you are in the market for a pair of skates, hockey or figure skating apparel and accessories this is place! they have many options for any budget!

Main Entrance to The Rinks in Anaheim.
After this wonderful weekend filled with fun and adventure I have decided that next time I visit I will go with the flow and maybe squeeze some museum time!    ;-)

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