Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning and selling.

Spring Cleaning, I honestly always thought that it only applied to places where it snowed, however this year was very different for us. Our home was as if  when we welcomed our daughter five years ago she brought along more items that we may have even used! or more toys than she wanted to play with. Then a year ago our son was born and with him a boat load of clothes, toys and gear was added to our already cluttered garage, bedrooms and all over our home. It felt like a never ending story...

In January we decided we would get all our outgrown clothes, toys, gear and whatever else our kids were not playing or using and organize it to be sold at the Parent Connection Swap Meet. Never heard of this event?? Well it is quite simple, it is organized by a non-profit parenting  support network named The Parent Connection. It is San Diego based and has existed since 1980. They have more than 3,500 families that are members.

The Parent Connection organizes a swap meet for new and gently used baby and up to age 6...everything! from baby gear to toys to clothes to furniture to bikes to services. This event is twice a year usually in Spring and Fall. You will find all kinds of bargains and applies into your life the "reuse" of items. Helping the planet at the same time ;-)  

This was our first time participating as vendors and both my husband and I are very pleased with the results we planned and organized all our items and were very patient.

Should you decide to participate contact the Parent Connection network and ask when their next Swap Meet will be so you may prepare for it.

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