Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No one said it was easy...

It's been a very busy week, kids are back to school and life is back to "normal" or so you think... The holidays have passed and here we are working on our New Year's Resolutions. No one ever said it was going to be easy, but what counts and is most important is that you are trying! and not just trying but doing your best at it. Giving 100% of yourself to improve your life and why not improve yourself, your family and all that surrounds you.

This is week two of my resolution, I have to admit this week I have been thrown several curve balls. However I have also learned from my mistakes. These are the things I have learned this week:

1.- Grocery shopping has to be done over the weekend. When the week starts on Mondays I have all my ingredients and can prepare and cook from scratch within 25 - 45 minutes depending on what I'm cooking that day for lunch. Which prevents me from stopping at a drive-thru! and choosing a high fat, high calorie meal that will only satisfy me for an hour or so.

2.- Grocery shopping without kids is easier. Why? you may ask, well here is my scenario. I have two kids 5 and 1 year old. When I grocery shop over the weekend I may do so on my own, allowing me to accomplish the shopping within 2 hours and that includes travel time to and from each store I go to.  Not to mention it gives me a bit a quiet time. I guess you can say I enjoy grocery shopping.

3.- Trying new recipes can be a challenge with kids. This is simple, if you only cooked simple meals for your kids even if they are made from scratch don't expect them to eat without asking for something else. My 5 year old would much rather eat steamed rice, cherry tomatoes and boneless-skinless chicken breast that is cooked just like that simple without any sauces than eat a very elaborate meal. That is just how she has eaten for her entire 5 years of life. Don't take me wrong, she will eat shrimp, fish, lobster, meat, poultry, etc. But prefers simple meals. So my advice is to take it slow, include simple meals in your week so that they can be happy and will try new recipes with you.

Well, from what you have read by now you can tell this week I haven't tried any new recipes. I will use a Chicken Marsala recipe tomorrow. Will post recipe and pictures tomorrow. Today? well today I will most likely end up cooking pasta or meatball soup seeing it was such a success at mealtime and the whole family ate it without any questions asked!

Until next time... keep trying until you reach your goal...    ;-)

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