Monday, November 29, 2010

Taking an infant or even a toddler to Disney...

If you are a mom to an infant or toddler you might think it is best to wait until he/she
is older to go meet The Mouse! but you can and may enjoy the park along with any age of
the child... here is how I survived: Baby Care Center on Main St. I was so impressed and
amazed at this little place with peace, quiet and yes help! in true Disney style were my
son and I in for a surprise!

It is located on Main St. between the First Aid Center and the Kodak supply store nestled
in the quiet away from all distractions, you will find a quaint little lobby as you enter
through a Victorian style parlor that can easily make you feel in the 20s or 30s. As you
walk in you are greeted by the Cast Member who will ask what you are there for i.e. diaper
 change, feeding, nursing, warming baby food, warming bottle, trip to a kid friendly size
potty and yes also any baby item you ran out of or forgot on the way out to the park (baby
food, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, formula, diaper rash ointment, tylenol!).

There are 4 diaper changing stations with Velcro straps to secure child and they also have
space to place your diaper bag and belongings, if you happen to be there at peak times
-after parade, evenings or lunch time- the Cast Member will inform you about availability
as you specify your needs. If the changing station is too crowded only one person plus child
 will be allowed to go in. In this section is where you will also find two potty's that are
 perfectly sized for children 5 and under. In the center of this room is a sink to wash hands
 and a dunking toilet for cloth diapers. The changing tables are comfortably cushioned and
 sanitized after each use in addition the Cast Members change a sheet of protector paper that
 is placed on top for each person to use. In the event you forgot or ran out of diapers,
wipes, remember you can purchase one diaper for $1.00 ea or more for a discounted price or a
travel pack of baby wipes for $3.00

The potty's are also sanitized after each use. It was much more easier to change a diaper here
 than in the noisy -automatically- flushed public restrooms where sometimes it can be so
crowded that it overwhelms kids and instead of feeling pleasantly relaxed you are uncomfortably
stressed. Yes it is at the park's entrance far from Toontown and even more from Pooh's Corner,
but it is  well worth the walk!

One of the other areas located in this magnificent center is  the Nursing area, it has private little
 rooms with a quiet and dark setting to help soothe your nursing baby. I personally did not use this
area, but asked a mom how she and her baby felt with this space and she gushed that they absolutely
loved it! because her baby would get distracted with all the commotion surrounding them in the park.
They also have a breast pump in case you exclusively pump or need to express milk.

Then you have at the center of this facility the feeding section where they have four high chairs not
the kind you find at a restaurant but the kind you'd have at home complete with tray and belts to
secure child. In front of each high chair is a chair for the parent that is feeding at the moment.
Now if you ran out of baby food or forgot to bring some don't stress or fret, they have a variety to
offer for the price of $1.00/jar, they have a microwave to reheat the baby's food or bottle and have
a fully stocked sink to wash all your feeding accessories.

Forgot to buy water for that bottle? never fear the baby care center has a water fountain with drinking
water that you may use for that bottle and remember when in doubt always ask, the Cast Members at the park are always available to answer your questions.

Now go and enjoy the park! you'll be amazed at how much fun your little one has with all the sights.

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