Monday, November 15, 2010

The Diaper Wrestle!...

I am certain everyone has been through this stage in a baby's/toddler's life. It is the diaper wrestle, when you are trying to change your baby's diaper and he/she rolls around, turns around, tries to stand up, squirms, moves, wiggles until you are beyond frustration and put on the diaper... upside down! or inside out! or it is only covering one butt-cheek! I even started calling him "my crocodile" it sure feels like I'm wrestling with one! infants can be so strong it is amazing. Ever had one of those?

Our son who will be 11 months old this week is in this stage, we have tried several ways to entertain him long enough to be able to change his diaper and avoid a mess all over the changing table and/or the surrounding areas. This stage in a babie's life begins when the baby realizes how independant they can be.  With our daughter I had the changing table underneath the bedroom TV that was wall-mounted. When it got tougher I would chew gum and blow bubbles and she would enjoy this. But our son, I'm still in shock.

Here are some tips I've heard and maybe they'll work for you:

  • BUSY HANDS. A few small items that the baby doesn't get to play with elsewhere. These items can only be used when changing a diaper examples are: small books, toys, keys, etc. Enough to keep him/her entertained for at least 5 minutes while the item is explored.
  • HELPING. One particular suggestion was to hand over the wipes to the baby so they would feel involved, it can also be the clean diaper.
  • CHIT-CHAT. Some have the idea of allowing baby to play with their cell phone, now when I did this I ended up with a non-working drenched in drool phone. So I wouldn't recommend this one. Unless you are planing on getting a new one.
  • SING. Make up a song for changing the diaper and sing it every time a diaper is changed.

I hope this helps, I will try some of these and see how it goes. If you find one that I did not mention and works for you please feel free to include it on the "comments" section.

Until then...Happy Wrestling!

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