Saturday, October 9, 2010

The land of diapers, bottles and binky's!

Ever felt like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Even though you are sure there is, because you've there before. That's me now, it's 2 months away and I feel like I can see it. Beaming and shining a couple of blocks away, but still I can't reach out to pull myself out of the tunnel.

I think most parents feel this way in the first year of their child's life, it's hard. Sleepless nights, more diapers than you'd like, bottles to wash/sterilize, binky's to find or replace when you can't find them!

Then when they get sick it's like a roller coaster ride! you never know what's coming next and forget the routine you had going on, that's the first thing that goes out the door. Your tired, more like exhausted and feel like someone came and drained all your energy out of you....

But then you realize this is part of being a parent, it's part of every single mother and father's life! We all had or have this and sooner or later it will all be a memory. One you hold very dear to your heart, you'll realize those days are long gone and now you have other things to worry about. Just ask your parents if you don't believe me. They went through all of this and then some!

I was at a baby store last week and as I was going about my business I noticed some onesies that were so tiny! when I looked at the tag and saw they were preemie sized (up to 5 lbs) I realized our daughter was so small, tiny when she was born that size was huge for her to fit into and now? she wears a size 6 in clothes and size 11 in shoes! where did the time go?

Enjoy every second you have with your children. Piles of laundry can and will wait, also dirty dishes and everything else but your child won't! You can catch up when they take their nap!  These are the moments when you must play with them, read to them, hug them! Every single parenting book tells us this and by our experience I can assure you it is true. I sometimes forget about this, remember that TV character "Monica" who was obsessed about her cleaning? that's me! and slowly I'm learning my kids are my top priority not keeping up with my chores. It is challenging sometimes but it sure is worth every second of my time to be with my kiddos.

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