Friday, March 27, 2015

Monster Jam® at Levi's Stadium

My family and I will attend the Monster Jam® event in Levi's Stadium, we were invited to enjoy the event which will facilitate our review in addition we will be sharing information on the event. Pictures of the Monster Jam® trucks contained in this post are my own as well as the small story and opinions reflected in this post. The video and logo are owned by Monster Jam®

It was 2008, my daughter was at the time 3 years old and we were at an all girls playdate when the host a spunky 3 year old girl brought out a plush Grave Digger® to play. She began imitating engine noises and talking about this fun event she had attended with her dad that past weekend. My daughter saw it and began asking to go there and talking about you guessed it, Grave Digger® and Monster Trucks!

While living in Costa Rica looking for cars on YouTube and monster trucks, our then 4 year old son could not believe his eyes when he saw Monster Jam® videos online. He kept making revving engine noises and when at a local artisan market he saw a wooden made monster truck of Toro Loco® he went completely gaga over it.

In fact, in May 2014 Monster Jam® was on tour in Costa Rica and we went to a special event at our local shopping mall to see Monster Jam® trucks. Our son was so excited he couldn't believe that right there in front of him was the same Monster Trucks he had excitedly watched online. The event was open to the public in anticipation to the main event at the local soccer stadium. Tickets sold quickly and when we tried to buy them the ticket sales booth system crashed. 

Imagine how excited we were to find out Monster Jam® would be in Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium and we would be back in town to be able to attend. 

For the first time in Santa Clara on Saturday April 11th, Bay Area motor sports fans can see Monster Jam® trucks battle it out live at Levi's Stadium. This event is priced right for the whole family with Super Value seats starting at just $20 {advance purchase only}.

The line-up includes 17 different trucks, weighing 10,000 lbs each! Our personal favorite Grave Digger® will be driven by the legend Dennis Anderson. Amongst the trucks will be:

El Toro Loco®, Captain's Curse®, Scooby-Doo, Monster Mutt®, Metal Mulisha, Mohawk Warrior, Lucas Oil Crusader®, Team Hot Wheels®, Monster Energy, Wrecking Crew, Avenger®, The Patriot and Titan will pump up the crowd with breathtaking stunts and the awesome spectacle of “rock-and-roar” that will bring fans to their feet cheering for more!

Fans may come early on Saturday to enjoy the "Party in the Pits" pre-show experience -which gives you access to view your favorite trucks up-close, meet the star drivers for autographs and take photos. *Saturday event ticket and Pit Pass required for entry; Pit Pass available to purchase for $10 each.


Saturday April 11th, 2015
Pit Party Scheduled from 2:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Event Time: 7:00 p.m.


Levi's Stadium - 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Levels: $20, $30, $35, $40 (Gold Circle) and $60 (VIP)

Kids tickets: (age 2 - 12) available for 50% off on select seating - prices range from $10 - $20 (price listed is advance purchase only; not valid for VIP seating levels; limit 2 discount kids tickets per one adult ticket purchase)

Total Access Pass Fan packages available for $135 each
Lunch with the Champions fan packages available for $190 each
Pit Passes available for purchase for $10 each

Tickets are now on-sale and available for purchase online at, all Ticketmaster retail outlets, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or visit The Visa Box Office at Levi’s Stadium. *above ticket prices are advance purchase only; all tickets priced $3 more day of show.  Tickets subject to convenience, service & handling fees. 


$5 Off Adult tickets coupons and Pit Passes available from participating Metro PCS locations from March 13 - April 11. (While supplies last)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Change is the only constant...

It was 1992, we were all listening to our Science teacher. He was showing us how change is the only constant while mixing different chemicals and materials. We had a divided class that stated it applied to life and the rest opposing this by stating life wasn't science. Fast forward to today and I'd say he was right, change is the only constant in life. We are always changing, evolving and growing be it physically or mentally. What we liked yesterday or since we were kids is now what we dislike and what we disliked while growing up we now like. Take for example zucchini, it was the vegetable I didn't like right along with broccoli and asparagus and now they're some of my favorite so much so that I try to incorporate them in most meals - have you ever had scrambled eggs with zucchini? delicious!

A month ago we were packing up our home in Costa Rica, preparing to leave friends that had become family to reunite with family and start a new chapter in our life back in California. We were excited for the change, because it meant we would be a 6, 8 or at the most 10 hour drive from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. We were excited because it meant we would be home. "Home is where the heart is", it's so true. Our hearts were here with our family. 

Our last day in Costa Rica came with its own set of challenges, I got food poisoning and it wasn't fun at all. The worst I've ever experienced, it was so bad I had to have 3 different medications injected into my body in addition to another 3 pills. I was determined to not be left behind to recover and so Saturday morning I woke up got ready with as little energy as I had since I hadn't eaten anything for the past 12 hours, walked into the airport and had them wheel me to the nearest red cross station explained what was going on and 2 little magical pills later we were on route home. 

We arrived to cold {I believe it was 48ºF} and rainy weather to the Bay Area, our toes were purple within a few seconds of walking under the rain in flip flops. After 2 years of living in 80ºF weather with 95% humidity,  our bodies had become accustomed to the tropics; flip flops, shorts and a tank top were all we ever wore and what we had in our suitcases. Luckily, family was there to welcome us equipped with weather appropriate clothes. Within 12 hours my body finally started feeling better from the food poisoning. 24 hours later we had finally settled into our new temporary home and had began planing for the week ahead. A week that would be packed with school registrations, doctor visits, shopping for our new car and house hunting!

Moving back home seems like an easy task, I mean it is after all where you lived most if not all of your life before. At least that was what we thought, but somehow living abroad changed us and shopping for groceries was overwhelming.... So many choices! For one item there are at least 10 different options to chose from. You need to buy milk, ok well there's rice milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, low fat, nonfat, whole milk and the list goes on. We at our home drink cow's milk, 1% is what we usually buy however I couldn't help but notice all the different options. 

As the guy at the local starbucks responded when I was ordering a kids' milk: "what kind of milk? almond milk, soy milk, low fat, nonfat, whole, organic? which one?" He paused as I looked like a deer in the head lights, he then said: "not enough options miss?" I smiled and just said "too many! I just want regular milk..." Now he smiled back and said in amazement: "really!? we usually get complaints that we don't have enough options! just earlier a customer over reacted because I didn't have cashew milk!" 

We take such little things for granted, I remember when there were never enough options and now I think there are way to many. These are the comforts our beautiful country offers us, you don't like something? well guess what, you don't have to settle you can always get something else. 

Change is the only constant and as such we are going through change, re-adjusting to life back home and while going into this re-adjustment period Stroller Adventures will go through changes too. This blog will reflect the changes we are going through. I will still share about Costa Rica, because I do have so much more to share about it and the beauty it has but I will also be sharing local events, occasionally I will have reviews {as always only choosing what our family likes and finds useful}, of course I will continue to talk food because I enjoy cooking and a good meal just like the next person and I have not quit my fitness/weightloss journey I did however take a break while preparing for our move and I'm ready to jump back on board. 

And there are also the small changes we will be making to make this space reflect more of me. Did you check out the new header? It was designed by my good friend Kelley from The Grant Life, she is awesome!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Riu in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Last October we were looking at our Costa Rica must visit list, one we created once we were settled in our home in Costa Rica. We noticed we had yet to visit the Guanacaste region and being we are West Coast natives that grew up a short 10 minute walk from the Pacific Ocean we were definitely longing for some beach time.

After much research we finally decided we would take a small weekend trip to the Guanacaste area and stay at decided on staying at an all inclusive resort as we would only be staying for one night, we were able to find a great deal at the Riu Guanacaste Resort and booked it. We drove out of San Jose area early in the morning and were arriving by noon at our destination. 

It was definitely a great decision to stay at the Riu Guanacaste, it is a large property that has the Riu Palace right next door and is a 5 star resort. It is all inclusive, which means all meals and drinks are included with your stay. The property is located on Sardinal-Matapalo Beach, personally I wasn't impressed with the beach which has black sand and at times rip currents. It didn't look like the beach I was definitely looking forward to, perhaps it was due to it being rain season and the sky at times was gloomy. I was looking forward to turquoise blue waters.

The hotel is equipped with a large swimming pool that features a swim up bar, a hot water jacuzzi {due to Costa Rica's tropical weather it is not common to have the jacuzzi water hot, locals prefer to have it run on cool water}. The pool staff has a small pool house with books, boardgames and other pool appropriate gear; you can enjoy all of this and several activities organized by the pool staff. There is also a fully equipped gym, sauna and a spa.

There are 3 restaurants to chose from, one of which is a steakhouse that requires reservation due to its popularity. This is key information, since we arrived at noon when reservations for the steakhouse restaurant closes we were unable to enjoy dinner at this restaurant, so if you plan on staying at an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica it is wise to reserve your dinner as soon as you arrive at the hotel. We enjoyed most of our meals at the buffet style restaurant that featured different cuisines from around the globe, it is also family friendly with indoor and outdoor dining and live music at dinner. 

Rooms are spacious and most -if not all of them- feature an ocean view.

As most all inclusive resorts, this one has an entertainment theatre with a nightly family friendly variety show. During our stay we chose to go back up to our room after dinner and play boardgames we had brought along. 

This is the perfect resort if you are looking for five star quality accommodations and experience for your family.